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Easily The Most Popular Amusement Park Ride In The US, In Australia, and In Canada! I Can Tell You This Its My Favorite Ride, Well Just Let Me Say This I Rode It 19 Times In 2 Days, You Know Some People Out There Think The Gravitron Will Make You Sick, Boy Do I Have News For Them
The Gravitron Was Renamed STARSHIP 2000 Sometime Around 1995, But WHY!!!!!! GRAVITRON Sounds So Much Better..
For Those Of You Who Dont Know What The Gravitron Is Im Gonna Tell You,, As You Step Into The Door of the Gravitron You Will Probably see Disco Light On The Ceiling, And You Will See Places On The Wall To Stand Which Are Sometimes Called Couches, in Some Gravitron's The Couches Are Numbered 1-45, That Gives You A Hint The Gravitron Seats 45 passengers. Anyway, As The Door Closes You Start Felling Sucked Against The Wall, Whats Happening Here Is The Barrel Of The Gravitron Is Spinning So Fast (24 rpm's) your trying to get slung out but the wall is holding you, so your not going no where, but thats why you stuck to the seat, And When The Gravitron's Barrel Reaches Full Speed, The Couches Lift Up of The Floor, It Might Scare The Unexpecteing First Time Rider, And Also Loud Music Is Played In The Gravitron, What Kind of Music??,,Well Its Depending On Your Operator, And Also While In The Graviton you Can Barely Even Tell That Your Spinning. The Newest Type of Gravitron Is The STARSHIP 3000, and Was First Brounght To US Soil By


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